Sabalan Gostar Tahvieh co, is one of the largest manufacturers of air conditioning systems in IRAN today. the company has a total area of 60/000 square meters and highly qualified technical staff. it possessed advanced production and inspection equipment according to carrier standard. The company is a member of Iran Installation Association. Sabalan Gostar Tahvieh Co, stands ready to cooperate with new and old customers a like, at home and abroad to promote the world wide air conditioning industry.

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Sabalan Office: No. 92, Mollasadra Ave., Vanak Sq., Tehran, Iran

Tel +98 88030691-2
Fax +98 88215970

Sabalan Factory: No 23-24, Enghelab St.,Parsa Sq., Aboul Ghassem Blvd Ahmadabad Mostofi, Tehran, Iran

Tel +98 56275806-16
Fax +98 56275819
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