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Air Coold Condenser

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SABALAN GOSTAR TAHVIEH Air Cooled Condensers are produced in 12 models in a range of 3 to 80 toncapac ities. The ease of SABALAN condensers’ installation and the minimum maintenance has made them so ideal for HVAC and refrigerating applications.

SA BALAN Air Cooled Condensers are dry-working and do not require the installation of pump and piping. Also their body is made of galvanized iron sheets with proper thickness while the structure and equipment are assembled on the chassis.


Axial fans are used to maintain the required blow-air debit over the condenser coils. Using these fans

result in a compact form of design .

.Material: Impeller blades made of die-cast aluminum

.Type of protection:IP (55) For (54) F

.EC fans are optional


In order to increase the efficiency of the condenser they are equipped with herringbone wavy fins and

the coils are designed in 1/2″ copper tubes with 8 to 14 FPIaluminum or copper fin.


.Special coating like Heresite is optional

.Copper fins are optional

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