Unit Heaters

Exhaust fans in different models of utility, roof top

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Unit Heaters


                                                                    Herringbone wavy fins, mechanically bonded

copper/aluminum coil with 8 fins per inch 5l8″
nominal tubes for hot water coils and steam coils.

Herringbone wavy fins, which result high in capacity
of coils.Coils are tested at 150 psig air under water.
Fins are continuous across width and depth of coils
vertically oriented to resist against a collection of dirt
and foreign particles

Steady casing protects unit against shocks.
Durable and attractive blue or which epoxy powder
coating is standard.
Adjustable horizontal louvers are standard for
adjustable of air distribution.
Mounting Hardware
Heavy duty threaded hardware allows unit to be
mounted with threaded rod. The isolators filter

Die-formed venture inlet draws air smoothly into
unit for maximum airflow.
Electro fan
Direct drive motors, continuous lubricated for
extended motor life.
Low operating costs.
Quiet operation
Fans blades are so designed to move Are efficiently
with minimum power requirement
Finger Proof Fan Guard
Standard equipment on the basis of CSA, OSHA
Securely mounts motor to unit while absorbng
vibration with rubber isolation mounts.
Coil Maximum Airflowunwanted vibrations.

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