Fan Coil

Fan coils in different models of floor standing, ceiling mounted (with and without cabinet), cassette, wall mounted and ducted

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Fan Coil

Variable models of SABALAN GOSTAR TAHVIEH Fan Coils create a pleasant condition with optima temperature, humidity and air handling. There are excellent air conditioning systems designed for a wide range climatic condition and due to their special designed you would save a great deal of savings such as energy, space and expenses. Therefore a comfortable living and working condition is guaranteed by SABALAN Fan Coils SABALAN GOSTAR TAHVIEH permanently tries to satisfy the increasing a number of customers’ tastes through research & development centers efforts by supplying a wide range of models with high efficiency, simple operation, low noise operation, flexibility, super high efficient fin and compact design.

Variety of Models

They are available at: 1. Exposed & Concealed Floor Fan Coils 2. Exposed & Concealed Ceiling Fan Coils

  1. Decorative Ceiling & Floor Fan Coils 4. Dueled Fan Coils.

Simple Operation

SABALAN Fan Coil Units are easy to install & use, therefore it has made Fan Coils handy in check

& maintenance.


SABALAN Fan Coil Units are flexible to adjust various power saving methods.

Low Noise Operation

Hi-Tech ventilators maintain this feature with balanced fan blades.

Super High Efficient Fin

Fan Coils’ heat exchangers are manufactured by owned unique expanding processes and super high efficient herringbone wavy fins.

Compact Design

Required installation space is minimized by usmg compact designs, including high mechanism & Hi

Tech instruments in production processes.

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